women’s sex & well-being

no, you are not broken.

I promise.

you are not broken. you have just forgotten a lot about your truth and that you are capable of integrating, healing and re-wiring anything that is meant to be. we were all raised in a patriarchal society, so it’s likely that you’ve internalized thought patterns, belief systems and in-body-programming that come from a body-shamingintuition-doubting, emotion-supressingpleasure-negative and fast-paced culture that left you feel overwhelmed, not-good-enough, disconnected and yin-depleted. 

I see you. I know how you feel. and I know that it doesn’t have to be that way.


an EMBRACIVE approach to sex & women’s wellbeing

combining the wisdom of

Modern Neurobiology, Psychology as well as Spirituality and Ancient Teachings like Tantra & Daoism

with powerful arts like

Breathwork, Meditation, Emotional Release, Energy Work and Embodiment

doors are open NOW

that guides you from feeling stuck in your head to leaning into pleasure and passion

what you will RECEIVE

380€ / month x 3

or pay 1140€ in full

*the container will be held in your preferred language (german or english)

DO you recognize yourself?

you are coming from...

you long for...

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I feel more connected to my femininity, I perceive desire and excitement again. The physical sensation of pain when touched has transformed and now I can feel pleasure instead.

– Nicole, client for 4 months