for female sexual vitality

this 10 week live online course is for those wanting to:


how will this course be structured?

the Yoni Sanctuary is a live course, which means that all teachings are given through live calls.


Starting on february 20, there will be two calls per week for 10 weeks (including two holiday weeks). The first week is exceptional - there will be three calls due to the welcome call.

After each live call, the portal will be updated with the call recording along with a practice to allow for deeper integration of the module's teachings.

how will the live calls be structured?

each live call will go for about 1.5 to 2 hours. 

generally, the live calls will contain teachings and guided practices related to the specific topic of the class. Some meetings will also include community sharings or connection practices.

At the end of every call, there will be the chance to ask questions.

are there any additional tools/toys I need to get to enjoy the course?

the short answer: no, not necessarily.

the more detailed answer: I designed the course in a way that it requires as little additional material as possible.

Still, there are two things that you may wish to buy for the course:

- Yoni Steaming Herbs, that probably won't be such a huge expense. The Art of Yoni Steaming will be taking place as Wild Yoni Rituals II in week 10. You will receive more details on the herbs needed in time before this call. So you don't have to worry about this now. Also, you can join the Yoni Steam Call, without taking part in the "group steaming".

- a glass dildo. this can be a supportive tool for the Yoni De-Armouring practice in week 7. I personally love to use a glass dildo to de-armour the deeper parts of my yoni. However, you can also just use your finger as deep as it goes or do the process energetically, just visualising. You will learn more about this in the live call "Sexual Healing II".

do I need any prior knowledge to attend?

no, you don't need to have any specific knowledge to attend the course. all you need to know is if your yoni is a YES - and then you are ready to join.

what happens if I can't make it to some live calls?

It would be awesome if you could make it to the live calls as every person will affect the energy of this container. However, I completely understand that life doesn't stand still and that there are days when you can't participate. To make sure that you can keep up with the content, all live calls will be recorded & uploaded to the portal within 24 hours.

There is one thing to note: At the end of every live call there will be time for questions or personal sharings - this won't be part of the recording as I want to respect every participants privacy. So in short: The recording will only show the teachings of the live call without possible questions or sharings from the attendees.

why are there two holiday weeks and what can I do during that time?

the journey of Yoni Awakening can be very intense for our systems.

By adding the two holiday weeks, I want to make sure that neither you nor I feel depleted from the course. I believe in the feminine, soft way of teaching & transforming. And I also believe in the seasons. So where there is action, growth and progression, there also needs to be rest, integration and regeneration. 


So, during that time you might reflect on what you've learned, how you feel and what you can do to support yourself. You also might take the time to go through material that you missed, but please remember to not overwhelm yourself.