about this work /

THIS holistic APPROACH to…

authentic sex & true intimacy

soulful dating & Relationships

magnetic & deep self-love

combines the wisdom of

Modern Neurobiology, Psychology as well as Spirituality and Ancient Teachings like Tantra & Daoism

with the powerful arts of

Breathwork, Meditation, Emotional Release, Energy Work, Therapeutic Yoni Massage and Embodiment

my work is

this is your invitation into

 Ful f e e l ment – to go deeper, to dismantle conditionings and to rewire your mind/body system in order to get the sex, the love + the relationship you desire. 

Sex, Love & Relationship Coach in Training, Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality 

Therapeutic Yoni Massage Practicioner in Training

Cert. Consciousness and Transformation Coach