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My name is Clara and I am working as a holistic empowerment coach / mentor, specialised in female sexuality and women’s wellbeing. I find myself being excited about teaching the art of conscious sex and the art of understanding a woman’s body energetically.


suppressing my own pleasure, my sexual, sensual, authentic self and ignoring my bodily wisdom, I now know that coming home to my body and remembering my higher truth has been most important in order to heal from my eating disorder, depression and the chronic feeling of not being good enough. Through co-working with my body, listening to my intuition, embracing all parts of myself (yes, sometimes it’s still hard – but that’s so human), and feeling myself as a unique part of the oneness called universe, I found my way to whole body, mind + soul wellness. And I deeply desire to guide women towards that, too – their own authentic way to sexual, emotional and spiritual well-being. That’s what I am passionate about.


I am not here to teach you something that you don’t already know deep within you. I am here to remind you and to take your hand to go step by step, dismantling what’s holding you back and finding what works for you to fulfill your visions.

We all can benefit from guidance and a safe space to evolve and heal. And just like you, I am a soul on her way. I’ve been traveling on the road of transformation for some years now. I truly understand what it means to feel unworthy, unsafe and small. But I also know what it’s like to feel empowered, aligned & free.


Practicing meditation, working on my mindset and especially engaging with my body through yoga, sensual dance, embodied movement, yoni steaming & a regular self pleasure practice as well as studying numerous books, “working with” the law of attraction and other universal laws, attending tantra and reiki workshops, women circles and various coaching and healing sessions, a lot of inner and relationship work in a partnership of 8 years… all these have accompanied my path until now. I combine these experiences with references I have collected over the last years.

credentials & resources

Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality – 650hr Sex, Love & Relationship Coach Certification


Training as a consciousness & transformation coach


Bachelor of Science Health Promotion


Shakti Awake Ritual – Yoni Steaming Training


Yoni Massage Therapist (in training)

what my CLIENTS say

Clara holds such a deep, spacious and intuitive space. Her guidance was so on point with what I needed and I felt like I had all the time in the world to touch deeper parts of me I didn’t access before. I’m feeling so much gratitude for her… and I will be back to work with her for my next level of expansion.


The coaching with Clara was pure healing for me. I was able to open up and understand myself more on all levels, I learned so much… especially about myself. At the same time Clara always made me feel safe. She customized the lessons to fit with my needs. An absolute heartfelt recommendation.


Clara is incredibly empathetic, sensitive, caring and trusting and makes you feel comfortable and safe with her from the first second. Her energy is palpable even in Zoom meetings.
For a long time I thought I was bad at opening up about my feelings, then when working with Clara I realized that it’s probably because I don’t allow many feelings in the first place or never make myself aware of them. Clara made it possible for me to look deep inside myself to gain insights that I probably would never have reached on my own. For anyone who is looking for a better and more authentic version of themselves and for more self-love and acceptance, I can wholeheartedly recommend her work!


Clara’s coaching was unique. In a very calm and special way she guided me towards finding myself and she gave every emotion the space to be there. Each time, the sessions have supported me in my everyday life for a long period of time.

– Emily

During the hours, Clara created an incredibly positive and calm atmosphere in which I could talk about anything that was on my chest at that moment. For every conflict I brought up, Clara had the right exercises, questions & recommendations. My personal boundaries were absolutely respected as well, and together we decided what I was most comfortable with and ready for. So I always left the classes feeling empowered and more connected to myself.

– Julia

Since the coaching I have been looking a lot into feminine and masculine energy and I realized that I often was in the masc one, in the huntress mode. Now I choose to sit back, be, trust, receive. Not forcing anything, focusing on myself and I am grateful where my current dating behavior is showing me where I may accept and love myself even more.

– Isabel

I felt very comfortable and well understood. Clara has been so welcoming to my emotions and all my thoughts and she has facilitated the path to my healing and insights. I am so grateful for her. I have great trust in what she is doing and I appreciate all that I have been able to experience through her. I hope that many more people will enjoy what she has to offer. Thank you Clara! Your medicine is needed in this world.

– Luisa

She was by my side when fear almost overwhelmed me, and she gave me the confidence and strength to overcome it. I felt like Clara really saw me – not my outer personality, but the real me.

– Lola

Clara helped me grow beyond myself and realize my full potential. She has shown me ways to deal with the darkness and bring light into the world.

– Jenny


in-depth mind, body and soul work.

remember. rewire. reclaim.