my mission is to return the woman to herself. bringing back the deep sense of belonging to her own body + sexuality, forever.

female sexuality & well-being

as a woman’s mentor, somatic coach and healing facilitator, I passionately guide + hold spaces for the remembrance and empowerment of those who journey with me.

I am here to take women on a journey back home to the wild & wise body, through embodied sexual, emotional and spiritual empowerment. Merging ancient wisdom, tao-tantric arts and modern teachings on the nervous system, the female body + sexuality;

In my offerings, I allow for expansion ~ not only of knowledge but of experience, of sensation, of being… expanding the capacity for pleasure, wellness & aliveness. 


For those seeking private support, based on individual needs, desires and goals, in somatic coaching sessions I open a space for deep self awareness, transformation, integration + liberation.

currently, I hold space for women to reclaim their sacred sexuality and embody their authentic power. learn more about these two paths + how I can serve you: 

When a woman is truly IN her body, the whole universe sings.

– Niecia Nelson


one-on-one yoni steaming consultations



a self-paced, audio-guided course for deeper menstrual cycle awareness, erotic empowerment + self intimacy.