women’s sex & well-being


of the WOMAN.

– that is why my MISSION is to remind her that 

softness is power, resting is productive & 

opening up is transforming her whole life.

the vision


My vision is to hold space for you to remember and to reclaim your cyclical, authentic, erotic nature – feeling sexually, emotionally and spiritually empowered. The coaching experience I am offering is not a fixed step-by-step, “one size fits all” kind of program. Rather it is a space built and held individually for you, adapted to your needs & deepest longings.


I am guiding and supporting you on your journey towards revolutionized self love, radical self awareness and profound transformation. 

but in the feminine way

the principles

inspired by feminine energetics, my coaching technique is infused by five principles.

it’s slow-paced, because your mind is already overwhelmed from everyday life.

it’s soft, because your system needs a loving, gentle approach to open up safely.

it’s wide open & wave-like, as your energy body is not stagnant. It’s ever changing, just like the phases of your menstrual cycle. And so is life.

it’s sensual, because pleasure is more connected to healing as you might think. Sexual liberation is vital for a woman – it connects you to your creativity, it awakens your life force energy, it nourishes your being.

it’s grounded, as for us women it’s especially important to stay grounded and to invite our energy back into our lower bodies. This is where we create life, give birth. This is where our natural power lies. Pushing energy up to the head all the time is creating chronic tension, disconnecting us from our earth body.

As a coach and mentor, I choose the feminine approach because it is authentic to me, it has always been. That’s why everything I offer is deeply honouring a woman’s energy system. I will always choose the cyclic, slow, soft, holistic way of learning, teaching and practicing. And if you are resonating with that, I am more than happy to offer you support along your journey. From my heart to your heart.

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3 months one-on-one GUIDANCE from feeling stuck in your head to leaning into PLEASURE & PASSION

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