sexual healing & empowerment

no, you are not


…you just never learned how to listen to your BODY.



Modern women are carrying a lot of tension in their bodies, especially in their receptive yoni. Unresolved emotions such as shame, anger and fear, energetic blockages, chronic stress and (generational) trauma – combined with general disconnection from ourselves and the oppression of female sexuality – keep us from feeling alive, vibrant and sexually liberated. Not only do many women experience discomfort, pain and/or numbness during sex, either chronically or from time to time, most of them simply tolerate it, shaming themselves for it, thinking that it can’t be changed or that they are just broken. Even if the body is not yet showing symptoms, being raised in our western culture, it is likely that we hold a lot of programming inside of us that is blocking us from getting what we really desire: Being able to experience authentic, high-quality intimacy that makes us feel fulfilled, glowing, balanced, loved & deeply connected to ourselves (and our partners). 


In short, my vision is to see women coming back to their inner rhythm, wisdom and power by awakening their yoni and (energy) body. 


The vision in full bloom: A new generation of women who are well-rested, self-honouring, emotionally mature, sexually alive & liberated; who are reconnected to their authentic & soulful self, rooted in their wild nature. Women’s health and wellness is SO MUCH MORE than “good” food, a hot bath and shaping workouts. It goes so much deeper. It’s about recovering from patriarchy – from a body-shaming, intuition-doubting, emotion-fearing and sex-negative culture that is creating chronic feelings of not being good enough and at the same time being too much. And for us to create real transformation, it requires a shaking storm, a revolutionary awakening, a profound remembrance, an unapologetic rising beyond everything that is holding us back.


I believe that we need more holistic approaches when it comes to any kind of “problem solving”, because an issue isn’t only existing and evolving in one area, but rather in three: the mental, the physical and the energetic realm. Especially when working on women’s health and well-being, I sense that there is a desperate need of approaching a woman’s body in a way that is true to the female system – working in sync with her energetics, her body’s blueprints and deeper needs. That is why I am passionately guiding in an integrative way, approaching women’s sexual well-being on a mind, body and soul level with a combination of various effective methods and holistic perspectives, all consciously aligned with the yoni body. 

an EMBRACIVE approach to sex & women’s wellbeing

combining the wisdom of

Ancient Teachings like Tantra & Daoism as well as Modern Science like Neurobiology & Psychosomatics

with powerful arts like

Energy Work, Breathwork, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Plant Medicine & Embodiment


inspired by feminine energetics, my technique is infused by five principles.

it’s slow-paced, because your mind might already be overwhelmed by everyday life. also, going slow and steady more likely creates sustainable, profound change.  


it’s soft, because your system needs a loving, gentle approach to open up safely. especially when it comes to sexual healing, we don’t want to force anything that might harden the yoni and cause her to shut down even more.


it’s wave-like, as your energy body is not stagnant and transformation is not linear. It’s ever changing, just like the phases of your menstrual cycle and life itself. 


it’s sensual, because no matter what you are experiencing right now – your sexual nature is always with you. Connecting to your sensuality and embodying your inner aphrodite will nourish your being and uplevel your self-healing capacity.


it’s grounded, as for us women it’s especially important to invite our energy back into our lower bodies. This is where we create life, give birth. This is where our natural power lies. Being disconnected from our earth body can be manifested as chronic stress, cut-off emotions and sensations that show up as pain, discomfort and numbness during sex.  

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Working with Clara was pure healing for me. I feel more connected to my femininity, I perceive desire and excitement again. The physical sensation of pain when touched has transformed and now I can feel pleasure instead.



As a coach and healing facilitator, I choose the feminine approach because it is authentic to me, it has always been. That’s why everything I offer is deeply honouring a woman’s energy system. I will always choose the cyclic, slow, soft, holistic way of learning, teaching and practicing. And if you are resonating with that, I am more than happy to support you along your journey. 

When I work with women, it’s always a co-creation. Together we go hand in hand, focusing on what suits you best. No matter for how long you choose to work with me, what’s always included is the full-bodied support you are receiving from me. You are not only held during the one-on-one sessions, rather I am available between sessions, creating practices for you, giving you additional ressources and information you need & offering personal whatsapp support via text and voice messages. I will not give you quick answers, because your system doesn’t need quick fixes. My mission is to make you feel held and guided in a mentorship container that really sees you. Fully.


investment per month: 


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I feel back at home in myself – in my power as a woman.