female sexuality & well-being


embodiment guidance for sexual, emotional + spiritual empowerment

Sessions are held online or in-person in Vienna; in german or english.

For those seeking 1:1 support, based on individual needs, desires and goals, in somatic coaching sessions I open a space for deep self awareness, transformation, integration + liberation.


As a trained and trauma-informed somatic guide, I interweave a rich tapestry of approaches and modalities rooted in and inspired by a broad understanding of female body energetics, spirituality, ancient healing arts, shadow + parts work, breathwork, mindfulness, inner child healing and body work. 


With a compassionate and nurturing presence, I hold and guide you as you delve into your inner landscapes, following your own journey of remembrance, release and reclamation; all in service to your sexual, emotional and spiritual empowerment, healing and well-being.


If you want to know more about me, my trainings and certifications, please read more here.



You can decide whether you prefer a one-off supportive session or want to embark on a longer, deeper journey with me.


the single session opens a space for you to deepen into your wise body; exploring your desires, longings + possible obstacles on your way; leaving you more connected and clear and empowered. You will also receive guidance for how to move on after this session (or you may choose to continue our work together). 


A coaching container, meaning a longer journey together, generally includes the following:

In the first session, we will shine a light on your current situation, your story, as well as your deep desires and needs; defining the main theme or goal for our work together and exploring inner and outer obstacles or resistance. 


In the following sessions, based on our main theme, we will begin the deep work, sitting in ceremony with your body/mind, allowing self-discovery, understanding, as well as healing and integration at the root. Gently and intentionally, we will explore the power of embodiment, supported by practices and rituals {also carefully selected and provided in written or recorded form for your home self practice after each session} to land in your body and anchor into new ways of being. 

My mission is to bring back a woman's deep sense of belonging to her body + her sexuality, for a nourishing (love) life rooted in self honor.

I am here to walk with you, whatever path you are on

examples for the path you want to follow:

from low libido to restored desire and openness,

from numbness to sensitivity and aliveness,

from discomfort and pain to refound wellness and pleasure,

from contraction to softness,

from disconnection to self-intimacy and depth.


single session

a 75 min one-off experience. 


– in german or english –

online via Zoom

guidance package

five sessions à 75min | two to three months

720€ in total
or 3x 240€

– in german or english –

online or in-person in Vienna


this is a way to connect with me in a 30-minute-call that can help you decide whether or not this package is for you. this is recommended, but optional.


Médica Endocrinologista Saúde Frase Emagrecimento Post Para Instagram

The coaching with Clara more than exceeded my expectations. I reached out to her with the desire to rediscover the connection to myself and my inner Wild Woman. Today I have rediscovered so much more than this connection. I have reawakened access to myself, my emotions, my intuition and my power. I feel back at home in myself – in my power as a woman.


Médica Endocrinologista Saúde Frase Emagrecimento Post Para Instagram

Clara offers me the safest space I’ve ever been in. In her container, I could finally surrender and let go of so many barriers and contractions. With her gentle and highly intuitive guidance, I’ve touched parts of me that I couldn’t access before. I’m beyond grateful to have her by my side and really impressed by how quick our work together has been reflecting in my reality. 


Médica Endocrinologista Saúde Frase Emagrecimento Post Para Instagram

The sessions with Clara were hugely enriching and supportive. Through her empathetic and professional guidance, I felt safe (even in an online setting) to share my issues. Her softness is an inspiration. It was a wonderful guidance to my own sexuality + relationship with myself.


Médica Endocrinologista Saúde Frase Emagrecimento Post Para Instagram

Working with Clara was pure healing for me. I was able to open up and understand myself more on all levels, I learned so much… especially about myself. Clara always made me feel safe. She adapted the sessions to fit in with my needs. An absolute heartfelt recommendation.


Médica Endocrinologista Saúde Frase Emagrecimento Post Para Instagram

I felt very comfortable and so understood. Her guidance paved the way to my realizations and allowed healing. (…) I hope that many other people will be able to benefit from her. Thank you Clara! The world needs your medicine.