female sexuality & well-being


my name is Clara and I serve as a Women’s Coach and Healing Facilitator. I am passionate about holistic female sexuality, authentic empowerment and women’s well-being.


chronically feeling 

~ not good enough 

~ like being too emotional, too naive, basically too much 

~ insecure with my body (actually hating her most of the time)

~ small and weak in my softness and sensitivity 

~ afraid of speaking my truth, of setting boundaries & of asking for what I desire

~ unlovable, unsafe and not belonging

~ disconnected from my sexuality, pleasure, life-force and true self…


I now know that coming back home to my body and remembering the higher truth of who I am and why I am here, has been most important in order to heal from my eating disordered behaviour, self hatred and depression and to recover from my mom’s death, deep heartbreaks and childhood wounds.


On my journey, with the support of amazing guides, teachers, space holders & close loved ones, I learned to reclaim my softness, my slowness, my sensuality, my creativity, my truth & my voice while seeing the POWER in all of it, that’s always been there. 


Today, I am still on my way, like we all are. But I am feeling deeply grateful for all that I have been through until today. I have learned so much and I still have so much hunger for more



My sense of self, the love for myself and for my body, the connection to my sexuality, the container of my 9 years-relationship and my life itself… all of this has shifted so much in the last years and I am feeling ready to wholeheartedly teach and hold space for other women on their journey.


I am not here to teach you something that you don’t already know deep within you. I am here to remind you and to take your hand to go step by step, dismantling what’s holding you back and finding what works for you to fulfill your visions.


Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion 


Consciousness & Transformation Coach Training with Isabel Geisslinger


 650hr Sex, Love & Relationship Coach Certification with Layla Martin at Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality


  Shakti Awake Ritual – Yoni Steam Tradition with Akasha Ayurveda


“Learn your Feminine Energy” Womens Cycle Wisdom Certification at TejSchool 

in training: Peristeam Facilitator Certification, PFc with Keli Garza (SteamyChick) 


in training: Therapeutic Yoni Massage Practicioner with Kiki Maree (Yonilicious)